Monday, 18 August 2008

The Sikh Course Inspiration Discovery True-Path

A gem of session was presented on an alternative perspective of the Sikh FAITH, the relationship of life and its meanings, all based on the Sikh Holly Book, Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji.
This was all FREE with vegetarian food available.
It was attended was all faiths, muslims, hindus, christians, and non-believers.

There was a lot of factual evidence presented to inspire further thought and discovery.
There was no preaching.

SEE for details of all training sessions, currently organised through out the UK.
Please note that I am not personally involved with the course, just attended one of these at West Bromwich, and was quite impressed by the contents and its delivery.

I would like to set up a forum for discussion of the topics, your impressions.

How was the format of the sessions, and time and location of its delivery?
Was it effectively delivered?

Where would you like to have it delivered?